Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nursery Reveal.

Here it is. The Nursery! Several of you have been asking to see pictures, but I wanted to get most things hung and in place before posting pictures; I'm finally there. Baby Boy Jackson's little "Crib" is just about done. I'm sure there will be a few minor tweaks and additions before his arrival and even after, but for now I'm feeling this project is complete (except I still need to hang the mobile). Do you remember this old room? It's quite the same, but quite different. Yes? We didn't do any repainting of the walls, which made this project much easier than it could have been. I was thinking ahead last year when we originally painted. I'm so happy with the way things turned out. 

I got a lot of my inspiration from this post here. I really wanted to keep the room gender neutral for the most part and not have it be too overboard baby as it is a guest room for friends and family as well. It's been a fun process because most things are refurbished items and items made and given to us by friends & family. The best kind, right? 

Above: a clothesline of baby wishes & advice given at one of our showers, and an old mirror of mine that I repainted with chalkboard paint. Below is artwork from my talented friend Catie that I'd mentioned here, a gift given by my sister Brooke, chalkboards and a mirror that I made by repainting and covering an old mirror and painting old canvas prints, that I almost got rid of, with chalkboard paint. I love chalkboards! Can you tell? The prints on the right hand wall are recreations from the book Are You My Mother?. Do you remember that book? I loved it as a kid and had a very old version that my mom was able to scan some pages of and frame them for the wall. I love the old barnyard frames. You can find them here. The yellow chair is an old chair of ours that was white and Lyle painted it to give the room a nice pop of color. I love how it turned out and it was so easy!

Below you'll see books looking as though they're just hanging from the wall. Well I'd had these "invisible" bookshelves for quite some time and had been wanting to use them, but hadn't found a permanent place for them until now. I think they are super fun. 

These giraffes were given to us by my parents. We found them up in Asheville, NC at a local artists' emporium. I think they are so very precious. A little giraffe family.

These balloons were a gift from a good friend of mine. Thanks Brooke! I absolutely love them. 

The rug is a creation that I semi-made. I got the idea off of an inspiration room I'd mentioned earlier. It's really just 4 small bathroom rugs sewn together and then taped together with rug tape. I love all the colors in the rug and it made it so easy to decorate around. Plus, the cats love it....but they're not allowed in here on their own....they're too mischievous.  

I'm so excited to read to our little guy in this little chair and have him sleep in this sweet bed someday so very soon. Oh how life is going to change..but only for the better.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour. I sure did. Happy Sunday ya'll.



Catie Murphy said...

Simply gorgeous! Can you come decorate my home? I love your balance of comfort, shabby chic and baby. So nice!

Lauren said...

Thanks Catie. You are too sweet:)

Jenni said...

So cute Lauren! Well done. What a nice little place for Baby Jackson to snuggle into!

natasha {schue love} said...

IN LOVE with the space...especially those hot air balloons! Do you have a source?