Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Birthday Celebration!

It was a birthday weekend at the Jackson household! The big day started out on Friday with some great activities here. The rest of the weekend was filled with friends, Brick Street Cafe Sweet Potato Cake, sun, and one year old laughs and smiles. Our good friends Eric & Becky came for a visit from Chicago to enjoy the long weekend with us. Even Lyle's childhood friend, Joe, flew in on his own plane for a night....he just wanted a piece of that yummy cake:)

Here's a little photo montage to recapture a few of the weekend's events.

Giving Mommy some bites.

The favorite toys of the weekend: Nana's punching balloon, the V-Tech vacuum, and the Fischer-Price tool bench from my sister's family. Thank you! Finn would just play on the floor in the kitchen for long periods of time while all the big kids sat at the table to enjoy their morning coffee or left over birthday cake. Miracle!

Finn fell head over heels for Uncle Eric, especially rubbing that head of his.

Sunday we went to Lake Jocassee for a picnic and some sunshine. Lyle, I mean Finn, really hammed it up.

After returning home from the lake, the big kids got cleaned up and went out for a nice evening of drinks and dinner on the town. We even got a baby-sitter! It had been so long since Lyle and I had had an evening like that. We felt like kids again!

What a fun weekend. Yesterday was spent recovering from all the excitement and reminiscing on the good times. It had been over two years since we'd had visitors other than our family in Greenville. Thank you Eric, Becky & Joe!

We'll sign off with a little cottage cheese butt. 



eric nelson said...

We had so much fun. Thanks again for hosting us. Can't wait to make the trip back, and when you come to Chicago bring some more of that cake....and Lyle & Finn of course.

Janae b. said...

Looks like so much fun! Dec and I are missing you and Finn- it's definitely time for a visit :)