Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

This past weekend Lyle & I had a real date. I mean real date. Babysitter, dinner & show.....7 hours! We hadn't really done anything close to that since our Little arrived. 

Lyle recently became obsessed with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Ever heard of them? They're from Seattle, hence the instant obsession. They are an independent hip hoppy/rapper style group and very talented. Being in the south now I think we were a little behind on their music, but nothing attracts us more than getting a taste of our home. This was probably one of the most entertaining shows I've ever been to; I must admit that. They have a nice range of songs from funny to serious and nostalgic. I even got teared up a bit when they had scenes of Seattle on the big screens.

When Lyle found out they were going to be in the area, he immediately bought tickets and arranged for us to go. The night started out with us driving up to Asheville, NC where we had dinner at this fantastic little joint called Home Grown. Delicious. I can't wait to go back. Then we headed to the Orange Peel (a venue similar to the Showbox, for all you Seattleites. Then we headed home to get back to our little Snuggle Puppy. Good times.

The picture above is the Hunz in front of the tour bus decked out in his appropriate attire. He was about to pee his pants here he was so excited. Funny, when we were getting ready to go he looked at me and what I was wearing and said, "Hon, we are going to a hip-hop rap show". I responded with, "But I actually get to have a date with you, I want to dress "date-like". I really didn't blend in too well with the crowd. Lyle did however. 


And a little taste here.....


p.s. fyi...this post was actually a request post by the hunz...


Lyle said...

MORE videos
We want more Videos!

Anonymous said...

The Heist is on repeat at our house too! Love them! xoxo, Rebecca

Catie Murphy said...

Gorgeous last two posts. SO excited for y'all's super fun "real" date. So deserved.
Miss you all so much, girlfriend.