Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Vacation Ortho Christmas Party

It seems every year so far, the ortho program enjoys celebrating the Christmas season with several parties throughout December. This year a new one was brought into the mix this last Friday night: Christmas Vacation Christmas Celebration. Everyone came dressed as a character from the movie Christmas Vacation. Lyle did it with class.

Can you guess who he is? Lyle tried to get me to dress up as Nicolette Scorsese, "Mary", in the red french cut one piece to add to his costume. I just couldn't do it; not in December and not pregnant. Everyone else came dressed well too. There was good food, drinks, laughter, and of course the movie playing all night. As each person arrived, their character's scene got played to announce their arrival. Fun.

 And some group shots. Sorry for the poor photos....again my iphone. Hopefully soon this problem will be solved!

Any fun celebrations for you all this year?



Lyle said...

Nice googles...

Eli said...

Yep, that looks like typical Lyle in action there :)