Thursday, May 30, 2013


I thought I'd share some random thoughts about some things I'm loving today. So in no particular order here you go!

Don't you just love this picture of Finn completely passed out in bed? He rarely sleeps on his back like this. Maybe all the walking he's been doing lately is catching up with him and he's just extra fatigued!

We started getting local, fresh and mostly organic produce delivered to our house on a biweekly basis. We love it! Not only is it awesome to have food delivered to our front door, but we are forced to eat and try veggies we may have not otherwise. We've (including Finn!) been lovin' on some kale and all the different ways to eat it. And to top it off, we get to add extras to the bin such as farm fresh eggs, salmon, extra fruit, grass fed beef or even yummy baked goods. 

Finn is completely obsessed with fan pulls. You know, the dangly thing that hangs down from the fan to click it on or off? Yupp, that. We can barely walk by one without him reaching up to grab and pull on it. I'm loving that my husband is so handy and awesome that he made one for Finn for his birthday and had it attached to the underside of a table to he could pull away whenever he feel the urge. Gotta love those handy men. What would I do without him?

Isn' this Free People dress so me?! I love how light and whimsical it is. I found it on The Day Book. It's so darling on Sydney. I think I'd love it for a birthday present....

I'm especially loving that Finnley is walking now. He thinks it's the greatest thing ever! He is so proud of himself. He's keeping himself entertained by dragging his toys around the house, especially his little vacuum. This may be the sole reason I've been able to blog a little more these days! 

Please excuse the exposed appendages in this next video. We were airing him out at the time. I couldn't figure out how to cover him up in the video....I'm sure he'll be super embarrassed someday when I show this to a future high school girlfriend.

I'm also loving the Carolina sunshine these days. The humidity hasn't settled in yet so we are soaking in the ability to keep our windows open and spend evening dinners on the back deck. It really doesn't get much better than this!

What's on your list?



Lyle said...

I am especially loving all the new blog posts.... and Finn's Bipedal Motion.

Adriana Lucia said...

Great post and photos! That little baby is so adorable!!