Thursday, May 16, 2013

A little bit-o fridge fun.

Have ya'll heard of or seen these? They're from StickyGram and they are magnets made out of my darling Instagram photos. So cute, right? I discovered them over on The Day Book and was instantly hooked. I'm obsessed and can't stop looking and playing with them; even after having them for a few weeks now.

The site is really easy to use, they're a reasonable price and shipping is free! Once my little set came in I quickly was ordering more for grandma Mothers' Day and parent birthday gifts. What do grandma's really need other than more sweet photos of the grandkids, right? I know my mom has a million old old photos and whatnot cluttering up her fridge already (Oh, goodness. Please take down that sick one of me in my swimsuit surfing. Not pretty! Or the one of me running the marathon...gross!). Maybe these will help her to keep them from falling off or hopefully replace some of that mess! Love you Mom. 

Ok. Now go order some because I know you're dying to. In addition to the already great price, use this code for $2 off: FRIENDM2U9

Let me know if you try them out. 


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