Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm so pumped about my new running kicks! I finally broke down and got a new pair recently and I've been able to take them out about three times now. I couldn't be happier. It usually takes me a little bit to break in a new pair and to adjust to a new style, but these new babes feel as though they are a part of my body. I introduce to you the Saucony Kinvaras! 

Apparently, these won an award in Runner's World recently; however mine are last years model...great colors though.

I'm really loving these shoes for a few reasons: I do enjoy a minimalist shoe, however I prefer the traditional look of a running shoe with that added support, they are super light weight and they dry right before your eyes after a downpour run!

And while we are on the topic of shoes, I'm also loving these TOMS. I can't seem to keep them off my feet these days, plus I love companies that do Buy-one-Give-one charity. I'm easily sucked in. 

Finn will be getting a pair of these very soon......our new little walker is in need of some new kicks!

Any new shoe obsessions?


P.S. Our big day is this Friday. The big O-N-E!

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