Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This morning Finn had a little play date for the first time. His friend Jake from our community group at church came over for a little while. I've been wanting to get Finn around some other kids his age more and Jake is just about a month older than Finn and doing some talking so I thought they'd be a perfect match! Now that everyone's walking I think it makes playing a bit more fun. 

Finn always loves being around other kids and is so great at initiating interaction with them. However, it was interesting to see how he did in his own home especially when I had to hold Jake for a bit as he separated from his mommy. Finn wasn't so sure about that! I had two crying babes for a while; one on each hip! 

At lunch time we decided to have a picnic on the kitchen floor since there was only one highchair available. Finn went straight for the gold and Jake was more interested in the toys. That-a boy!

It was a fun couple of hours and some good practice for this mommy. We can't wait to do it again!


P.S. Here's a sweet clip of Jake with Riley. Riley is such a patient little guy! Bless his heart!

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